White-tailed Deer Management

LEAP Position Statement on White-tailed Deer Management

Ohio Technical Management Guide: Urban White-tailed Deer

Recap of our White-tailed Deer Workshop in August 2016

As a regional alliance dedicated to conserving nature, LEAP members believe that natural communities need to be actively managed and conserved based on scientific principles and best management practices. LEAP members recognize that white-tailed deer are an important component of the region’s biodiversity however when factors favor high deer populations they can cause damage to ecosystems and negatively impact human safety. At times it is necessary to use human intervention to manage deer population numbers.

Members of the LEAP Deer Conflict Committee developed a LEAP Position Statement on White-tailed Deer Management reflecting these views and providing recommendations for deer management in the region. The Committee used the Deer Position Statement approved by Chicago Wilderness and its members as its template for the Statement.

LEAP members voted on the ratification of the White-tailed Deer Management Position Statement at their May 15, 2013. A majority vote approved the Statement.

If your organization would like to have its name included in the document, please have your organization’s LEAP representative or Director send an email to Cathi Lehn confirming that it does give its approval of the Statement.